Basic information of bearing roller bearings

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Among them sto, NA22 ... 2RS Series products can be used for high-speed operation in oil lubrication.

The NATR series support rollers are especially suitable for heavy and medium speed.

NATV, Nutr, KRV, NUKR series Full body rolling products can withstand heavy loads at low speeds.

This type of bearing has the use of roller or cylindrical roller bearing structure; there are many kinds of sealing forms used to prevent the intrusion of pollutants and water; the outer circle of the ring has cylindrical and circular arcs of various contour shapes; The utility model has the advantages of easy installation of the bolt shaft structure, and can be used for different occasions, and has special structure to meet the requirements.

Thick-walled outer ring, high temperature and high nitrogen quenching, high-precision separation of rollers from the high rigidity of the outer ring of the guide, the use of linear contact, the wheel can be directly on the raceway easy rotation, and can withstand the huge load. In order to remove the stress, the outer ring of supporting rollers is designed with arc surface, and the curve roller has a single, double seal ring, no sealing ring, and a variety of specifications. With sealed ring storage grease space is large, provide lithium-based grease long-term lubrication, and extend the lubrication interval. The sealing ring material is with skeleton nitrile rubber or ST12, its operating temperature range is -30°c to +100°c or -30°c to +180°c. The tight-fitting curve roller can withstand heavy load and high performance operation.

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