Radial clearance adjustment method for cylindrical roller bearings

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The selection of cylindrical roller bearings is fast and easy to select the complete automatic selection Daquan can be provided, the fixed load on the load of the synthetic radial load from the local ring raceway fixed ring exposed, and transmitted to the corresponding shaft or bearing local. The characteristic of this load is that the radial load vectors are relatively static synthesis and rings. Withstand the load ring, you can use relatively loose.

The rotating load is a fully loaded cylindrical roller bearing ring that acts as a synthetic radial load on a roller rotating along a circumferential direction, and the various parts of the rotor, such as the burden of rotation, are rotated by the radial load of the synthetic vector phase ring, which is assumed. In a rotating load ring tightly coupled, in exceptional cases, the load, such as the election, is light or heavy under the low RPM load, just occasionally rings, bearings using hard material and high surface roughness, the rotating load bearing ring can also be used for looser.

The load of the third load or the non directional load, the synthetic direction of the load ring radial load is uncertain, it is characterized by the role of the synthetic ring radial load vector Loop Raceway, in a certain area within the impact load, vibration, load, its direction is swinging, roller to bear a certain area, or acting on the bearing load, load values are often changed. To bear the load-bearing swing, the coat circle and the week, the bearing, the hole should work closely with the use.

The method for adjusting the radial clearance of full cylindrical roller bearings is as follows:

1, on the cylinder and oval bearing side gap, can be manually developed scraping or bearing in the face of the surface of the adjustment after turning.

2. The top gap of cylindrical and oval bushes can be adjusted by manual scraping or the condition permitting.

3, the multi-oil wedge fixed-type bearing, in principle, not allowed to scrape and adjust the gap between the bush, the gap is not appropriate to replace the new tile.

4, to the multi-oil wedge tilting type bearing, does not permit to repair scraping pad, the gap is not appropriate to replace due to pad. The adjustable thickness of the pad can be adjusted by adding a stainless steel pad to the back of the tile or reducing the thickness of the tile by adjusting the block. Attention to the multi-oil wedge tilting type bearing, the same group pad thickness error should be less than 0.01mm.

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