Use and storage of bearings

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Pre-installation considerations

1 Preparation of bearings

Because the bearing is rust-proof and packaged, do not open the package until the pro installation.

In addition, the coating on the bearing anti-rust oil has good lubrication performance, for general purpose bearings or filling grease bearings, you do not need to clean the direct use. But for the instrument bearings or for high-speed rotation of the bearings, the application of clean oil to wash the rust, when the bearings are easy to rust, can not be placed for a long time.

2 inspection of shaft and casing

Clean the bearings and housings to make sure there are no scars or burrs left by machining. The shell must not have abrasive agent (SiC, $literal, etc.) sand, chip and so on.

Second, check whether the size, shape and machining quality of the shaft and casing are in accordance with the drawings.

Before the bearing is installed, the mechanical oil is coated on the mating surfaces of the inspected shaft and casing.

Mounting methods for bearings

The installation method of the bearing varies with the bearing type and the mating condition.

Due to the general axis rotation, so the inner ring and outer ring can be used respectively interference fit and clearance coordination, outer ring rotation, then use interference fit.

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