Analysis Of Abnormal Causes Of Surface Dropping Of Needle Roller Bearings-2

- May 24, 2018 -

Big metal noise

    Cause 1: Abnormal load, countermeasures: Corrective cooperation, study of bearing clearance, adjustment and load, and correction of the housing shoulder position.

    Cause 2: Poor installation, countermeasures: machining accuracy of the shaft and housing, improvement of installation accuracy, and installation method.

    Cause 3: Insufficient or inappropriate lubricant. Solution: Add lubricant and select proper lubricant.

    Cause 4: Rotating parts are in contact. Solution: Modify the contact portion of the labyrinth seal.

Regular noise

    Cause 1: Due to foreign objects causing indentation, rust, or scars on the rolling surface, countermeasures: Replace the bearing, clean the relevant parts, improve the sealing device, and use a clean lubricant.

    Cause 2: Surface deformation after steel carburizing. Countermeasures: Replace bearings and pay attention to their use.

    Cause 3: Raceway surface peeling, Countermeasure: Replace the needle roller bearing.

Irregular noise

    Cause 1: Excessive clearance, countermeasures: study cooperation and bearing clearance, modify the preload.

    Cause 2: Intrusion of foreign materials, countermeasures: Research on replacement of bearings, cleaning of related parts, improvement of sealing devices, and use of clean lubricants.

    Cause 3: Spherical injury, peeling, countermeasures: Replace bearings.

Abnormal temperature increase

    Cause 1: Too many lubricants, countermeasures: Reduce lubricants, use moderate amounts, and select harder greases.

    Cause 2: Insufficient or inappropriate lubricant. Solution: Add lubricant and select proper lubricant.

    Cause 3: Abnormal load, countermeasures: Modify the coordination, study the clearance of the bearing, adjust the preload, and modify the position of the shoulder of the housing.

    Cause 4: Poor installation, countermeasures: Improve the machining accuracy, installation accuracy, and installation methods of the shaft and housing.

    Cause 5: Creep of the mating surface, excessive friction of the sealing device, countermeasures: Replace the needle roller bearing, study cooperation, modify the shaft and housing, and change the sealing type.

High vibration (shaking of the shaft)

    Cause 1: Surface deformation after steel carburization. Countermeasures: Pay attention to bearing replacement.

    Cause 2: Stripping, Countermeasure: Replace bearings.

    Cause 3: Poor installation, countermeasures: Modify the right angle of the shaft, housing shoulder, and the straight side of the gasket.

    Cause 4: Intrusion of foreign materials, countermeasures: replacement of bearings, cleaning of parts, and improvement of sealing devices.

Excessive leakage of lubricant, discoloration

   Causes: Excessive lubricant, foreign matter intrusion, powder abrasion, foreign matter generation, etc. Countermeasures: Apply lubricant in appropriate amounts, study and select lubricants, study replacement of needle roller bearings, and clean the housing.

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