Analysis Of Production And Development Of Rolling Bearing Industry In China

- May 15, 2018 -

Analysis of Production and Development of Rolling Bearing Industry in China

    Rolling bearings are precision mechanical components that reduce the frictional losses by converting the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat to rolling friction. Rolling bearings are generally composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and cage. The function of the inner ring is to cooperate with the shaft and rotate together with the shaft; the outer ring function is to cooperate with the bearing seat to play a supporting role; the rolling element is to help The cage distributes the rolling elements evenly between the inner ring and the outer ring. The shape and quantity of the rolling elements directly affect the performance and life of the rolling bearing. The cage can evenly distribute the rolling elements, preventing the rolling elements from coming off and guiding the rolling elements. Rotate from lubrication.

    In the national economy - rolling bearings are called "industrial joints". Bearing industry as the basic industry and backbone industry of the machinery industry, its level of development, often represents or restricts the development level of a country's machinery industry and other related industries. In Japan, bearings are often referred to as industrial food. The bearing industry is referred to as the "core industry of the machinery industry" and "the basic industry to improve the national life." It is protected and supported by the Japanese government's revitalization policy and is 14 "special One of the industries in the machinery industry. In China, rolling bearings are one of the 11 specific revitalization machinery products identified by the country, and 33 bearing companies are listed as specific revitalization industries. Among the 520 newly-established key enterprises in the country, the bearing industry occupies six. In the “Catalogue of Industries, Products, and Technologies that the State Concentrates on Encouraging Development,” passenger car bearings, railway locomotives, precision bearings, and high-speed bearing manufacturing are included.

    In the defense industry - rolling bearings are essential arms supplies. Without bearings, missiles cannot be lifted, airplanes cannot go to heaven, warships cannot go to sea, and tanks cannot attack... Bearing is an important or core component in many military equipment. In the war, bearing manufacturers are hostile countries. Including one of the key targets of the crackdown; During the Cold War, bearing special equipment was once one of the embargo supplies imposed by Western countries on economic blockade against socialist countries. To date, many bearing products and technologies have been included in the technical blockade by many military powers.

    In terms of technical status - bearing steel is the most technically demanding and most stringent steel grade in all kinds of alloy steels. It is acknowledged by the world that the level of smelting of bearing steel is a symbol of a national metallurgical technology level. In China, among the many special steels such as stainless steel, high-speed steel, gear steel, valve steel, and spring steel, bearing steel is one of the few steel grades that has to issue a production permit so far. Rolling bearings are also an important application area for many new materials such as engineering ceramics and engineering plastics.

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