Basic Information Of Plane Thrust Bearing

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The AXK type thrust needle roller and cage assembly are the main components of thrust needle roller bearings. Cage with steel plate cold drawing, small size cage made of plastic, using G2-level high-precision needle roller, in order to ensure that the load evenly distributed. The thrust cylindrical roller and cage assembly are similar to the AXK type components and can withstand high thrust loads.

The production of inch thrust needle roller cage assembly and supporting the use of gaskets, such as TC,TWA,TWB,TWC series.

AXW type thrust needle roller bearings consist of a axk type thrust needle roller and cage assembly with a stamping center sleeve.

The main components of AX-type thrust needle roller bearings are axk-type components and thrust washers, and are connected by the control loops.

2 Thrust Washer

Thrust washer main high quality spring steel strip (plate) stamping, thickness depending on customer needs. The washer is quenched-shaped-polished. He is mainly used in adjacent parts can not be quenched, but with sufficient rigidity and geometric accuracy of the occasion, the support surface of the gasket should be fully covered.

SHAFT ring WS, SEAT ring GS and bearing washer LS is a solid washer made of bearing steel quenched and polished, and the outer surface of the seat ring and the inner bore of the shaft ring are also grinded. Solid washers are generally used with the thrust cylindrical roller cage assemblies.

The NTA type is the inch size thrust needle bearing, the bearing structure and the processing craft are more complex than the AXK type.

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