Brief Introduction Of Curved Roller Bearings 2

- Aug 03, 2018 -

Brief introduction of curved roller bearings 2

When installing the curved roller, you must pay attention to the cooperation of the bolt and the hole. There is no gap as much as possible. For the matching hole, the recommended tolerance zone is H7. The matching hole on the shaft must have a small chamfer to obtain the best bearing surface. The fastening nut must be There are anti-loose measures. Avoid hammering the ribs of the bolts during installation. The groove on the end face of the bolt is fitted with a suitable tool to hold the roller or to adjust the position of the eccentric bush when tightening the nut. The oil holes on the bolt raceway should be located in the non-load area as much as possible.

The parts of the curved roller bolts are quenched. In order to avoid stress concentration, the outer surface of the thick outer ring of the roller is curved.

Curved rollers are available in a variety of sizes with single and double seals, without seals and with seal rings. The sealing ring stores a large amount of grease, provides long-lasting lubrication and extends lubrication intervals. The seal is made of N220 or Teflon and has an operating temperature range of -30 ° C to +100 ° C or -30 ° C to +180 ° C. The compact curved roller can withstand heavier loads but at a lower speed and must be relubricated frequently.

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