Can I Change The Traditional Rolling Bearing Into A Sliding Bearing?

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Needle roller bearings.

Integrated strength training equipment pulleys are usually equipped with rolling bearings, but they can be replaced with our plain bearings. 

Sliding bearings have many significant advantages over rolling bearings. In addition to the simple design and cost-effectiveness, plain bearings provide greater load-bearing capacity, save space and reduce weight, and require lighter and more compact designs. 

In addition, sliding bearings compensate for eccentricity, reducing edge loads as well as damping and noise reduction. Due to the absence of moving parts, sliding bearings are quieter, more reliable, require less maintenance and are maintenance-free.

Needle roller bearings.

Sliding bearings are not suitable for all applications, especially applications that require ultra-low friction and/or high-precision shaft positions. However, in applications involving high loads and slow oscillating movements that can damage rolling bearings and cause them to fail prematurely, the performance of plain bearings is generally better than that of rolling bearings.

The replacement of traditional rolling bearings with our plain bearings offers technical and competitive advantages. The greater contact area and adaptability provide high load capacity and resistance to fatigue, impact, and edge loading damage. The frictional characteristics of sliding bearings also resist the inertia and high-speed sliding bearings experienced by rolling bearings and are more tolerant to eccentricity than many rolling bearings.

Sliding bearings The slim, one-piece construction and smaller housing saves space and weight, and the ease of press fitting into the process housing virtually eliminates the possibility of installation damage. The use of plain bearings can also save a lot of parts costs, reduce shaft tolerances and surface finish requirements, reduce the volume of the housing, and make the assembly easier and less risky.

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Needle roller bearings.

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