Characterices And Function Of All Kinds Of Bearings-4

- Oct 18, 2018 -

Characterices and function of all kinds of bearings-4 needle roller bearings

4, needle bearing:

Solid needle roller bearings, but due to the use of needle rollers, the basic structure of the inner ring bearing is the same as that of the NU type cylindrical roller bearing. The volume can be reduced, and a large radial load can be accepted. The inner ring bearing is used as a raceway surface for a shaft having a shaft of suitable accuracy and hardness.

needle roller bearings

Thrust needle roller bearings can be combined with stamped thin raceway rings (W or cut thick raceway rings (WS). Non-separable bearings are precision stamped raceways and needle rollers and cages. The integral bearing consists of components. It can accept one-way axial load of this type of bearing. It occupies a small space, and the split type bearing consists of a raceway ring and a needle roller and cage assembly. It is beneficial to the mechanical compact design, and most of them only use needle roller. And the cage assembly, and the shaft and the device surface of the housing are used as raceway surfaces.

The roller is guided by the large rib of the inner ring. The apexes of the conical surfaces of the inner ring raceway surface, the outer ring raceway surface, and the roller rolling surface are designed to intersect at a point on the bearing center line. Single row bearings can accept radial loads and one-way axial loads. Tapered roller bearings are equipped with round table rollers. Double row bearings accept both radial and biaxial axial loads and are suitable for heavy and shock loads.

needle roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into single row, double row and multi row cylindrical roller bearings. Among them, there are many single row cylindrical roller bearings with cages. In addition, cylindrical roller bearings differ in the number of rows of rolling elements for bearing mounting. There are also cylindrical roller bearings of other constructions such as single or double row full complement rollers.

needle roller bearings

According to the structure of the ferrule rib, it can also bear a certain one-way or two-way axial load. The NN and NNU double row cylindrical roller bearings are compact, and the single row cylindrical roller bearings are classified into N type, NU type, NJ type, NF type according to the ferrule rib.

NUP type, etc. Cylindrical roller bearings have a large radial load capacity. Strong rigidity, large bearing capacity, small deformation after load, mostly used for the support of the machine tool spindle.

FC FCD FCDP four-row cylindrical roller bearings can withstand large radial loads and are used in heavy machinery such as rolling mills.

needle roller bearings

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