Characterices And Function Of All Kinds Of Bearings-7

- Nov 05, 2018 -

Characterices and function of all kinds of bearings-7

7, joint bearing:

It is mainly composed of an outer ring with an inner spherical surface, and the joint bearing has a lubricating type and a self-lubricating type. 

 Needle roller bearings.

The joint bearing is a special type of plain bearing. 

The structure is simpler than a rolling bearing. Can bear a large load, according to the different types and structures of the inner ring with an outer spherical surface, it can accept the radial load, the axial load or the combined load in the radial and axial directions. Generally used for low-speed oscillating motion (ie, angular transport, it can also be tilted in a certain range of angles (ie, aligning motion) because the sliding surface is spherical) when the support shaft and the shaft hole are not different. , still work fine.

Needle roller bearings.

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