China Bearing Industry Market Status And Development Trend Analysis

- May 14, 2018 -

China Bearing Industry Market Status and Development Trend Analysis

With the continuous growth of China's economy, the sales revenue of the bearing industry is continuously growing. The level of profit is constrained by multiple factors such as upstream raw material prices, downstream machinery and equipment production and maintenance needs, human resource costs, and domestic and foreign manufacturers' competition. The growth rate is relatively small.

    At present, China has formed a relatively complete product line of bearing industry system, bearing product specifications increased from more than 100 to more than 70,000, high-end product development to achieve a major breakthrough in the matching rate of major equipment and key hosts reached 80%.

    In recent years, the environment for the development of China's bearing industry is undergoing profound changes. The deep-seated contradictions that have accumulated over a long period of time have become increasingly prominent, and the extensive growth model has been difficult to sustain. It has entered a new stage in which transformation and upgrading must be promoted to promote sound and rapid industrial development. The transformation is to change the development mode, to innovation-driven, endogenous growth, intensive and efficient, green and low-carbon, domestic demand-led transformation; upgrade is to fully optimize the industry structure, organizational structure, technical structure, product structure, layout structure, promote the overall industrial structure Improve optimization. Through transformation and upgrading, we will accelerate the transition from a traditional industrialization road to a new type of industrialization road, improve the core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of China's bearing industry, and achieve scientific development.

    China's bearing industry must build its core capabilities through the optimization and upgrading of its organizational structure. Through the optimization and upgrading of its technical structure, it will build core technologies. Through the optimization and upgrading of product structure, it will build core products, improve core competitiveness, and achieve a transformation from big to strong.

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