Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings Purpose And Advantages?

- Sep 04, 2018 -

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings Purpose and advantages?

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads. At the same width, this bearing has a very high load carrying capacity compared to conventional cage-mounted bearings, with a small radial section, which saves space but at a relatively low speed. In order for the bearing to work properly, the bearing must withstand a certain minimum load in the case of continuous operation, ie C/P<25. Otherwise, the wear will be intensified due to insufficient lubrication and high speed operation.

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings have a solid inner and outer ring. This bearing has as many rollers as possible. When it is suitable for high radial loads and space requirements, the bearing has high rigidity.

Due to the friction between the rollers, the rotational speed of the full complement cylindrical roller bearing is much lower than that of the cylindrical roller bearing with the cage.

Mainly applied industries, machine tools, metallurgy, gearboxes, ports, printing machinery.

Imported bearing products INA SKF IDC and so on.


Fully loaded cylindrical roller bearings can accommodate most of the rollers because they do not have a cage, so they are suitable for extremely heavy radial loads. In addition to radial loads, they can withstand certain axial loads. However, it allows the operating speed to be much lower than that of a cylindrical roller bearing with a cage. Single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings also allow for angular offsets between the inner and outer rings.

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