HFL Series Drawn Cup Roller Clutch Assembly Structure Features

- Aug 28, 2018 -

HFL series drawn cup roller clutch assembly structure features

Structural Features: The HFL Drawn Outer Ring Needle Clutch Assembly is an external wheeled overrunning clutch assembly with roller bearings. In the middle is a needle clutch with a roller bearing at each end. The needle roller is a locking element. The locking precision is high and the dead angle is small. In order to transmit a large torque, two clutches can be applied side by side to withstand a certain pressure. Commonly used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, light industrial machinery and testing equipment.



  1. limit speed is effective for grease and oil lubrication.

  2. refers to the limit rotation speed of the outer ring rotation.

Installation and cooperation: 

When assembling the product, pay attention to the locking direction marked on the end face of the outer ring. When the relative steering of the clutch and the shaft is the same as the direction of the arrow, it is locked. The clutch must be pressed into the seat hole with a special step mandrel. The step surface must face the clutch type, otherwise the clutch will be damaged. The shaft working surface shall be hardened (58-64HRC). In order to avoid local deformation or brittle cracking of the stamped outer ring and prevent the bearing from being damaged during operation, it is forbidden to use a hand hammer or other tools to strike the thin-walled outer ring during installation. The press and special installation tools should be used for installation.

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