How To Mount The Ball Bearing On The Shaft

- Jun 29, 2018 -

How to mount the ball bearing on the shaft

The dimensions of the inner ring and outer ring of the rolling bearing are learned. 

When the assembly is performed in an eccentric state, these balls and rollers can be smoothly inserted in an eccentric state, and then the cage is installed, the balls or rollers are separated and positioned, and the clearance of the bearing is maintained in an optimal state.

The assembly of ball bearings is mostly a small interference fit, commonly used hand hammer or press press-fitting, in order to make the bearing subjected to uniform pressure, pressurizing with a cushion sleeve. 

When the bearing is pressed onto the shaft, the end face of the inner ring should be forced by the cushion sleeve; when the bearing is pressed into the hole of the body, it should be applied on the end face of the outer ring; if the bearing is pressed on the shaft and the hole of the body, the inner ring and the outer ring The end face should be pressurized at the same time.

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