Installation And Maintain

- Apr 13, 2018 -


1) Wash the bearings with kerosene and press them into the bearing housing. Fill the outer ring of the bearings with Shell 3rd Lithium base grease to two-thirds full. Apply evenly with a clean hand and install the ntn bearing cover.

Loosen the bearing glands with the fastening bolts that coat the bolts to prevent loosening;

2) The bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with an inner jacket that can be separated. The bearing should be set on the shaft and placed in place;

3) Install the bearing housing on the housing. If there is a grease filling hole, it must be aligned.

Use bolts to prevent the loosening of bolts to tighten the bearing seats;

4) The inner and outer eccentric blocks are mounted on the shaft and put in place. The shaft key should be installed in the key slot and then the outer eccentric block should be installed.

The shaft is mounted on the shaft with a retaining ring;

5) Fasten the eccentric bolts and turn the adjustable eccentrics.

Bring it to the pre-unloading angular position and tighten its fastening bolts.

After the above assembly is completed, the shaft should have a certain axial string;

6) The protective cover on both ends of the vibration motor is fastened with screws.


Thin oil lubrication: The advantage is that the internal friction coefficient is small, so the energy consumed to overcome friction is less, and the thin oil has good fluidity.

Easy to enter the friction surface of each lubrication point, with good cooling effect,

Impurities adhering to the rubbing surfaces and metal particles produced by grinding can be carried away.

The disadvantage is that the oil film cannot withstand large unit pressure and has high requirements for sealing.

High-speed presses generally use a large flow of thin oil lubrication, can take away the heat generated by each friction pair.

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