Installation And Structural Principle Of One-way Needle Roller Bearings 1

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Installation and structural principle of one-way needle roller bearings

One-way needle roller bearing, also known as needle roller clutch, consists of a stamped outer ring and a plastic cage; the cage can be equipped with a plastic reed or a stainless steel reed to guide the needle roller, and the beveled raceway and needle roller on the outer ring are used as Locking device.

One-way needle roller bearing

Lifting the clutch, many people naturally think of the device on the car. There is actually an accessory called a needle clutch, but it is not the same as the equipment on the car. It is a type of bearing, and the other name is called single. Needle roller bearings, this bearing and other types of bearings in the structure there is a certain difference, the surface of this type of bearing has a groove, so designed mainly for the Diabolo manufacturing, in addition to the introduction of some of the structure of the equipment , is more widely used in the production of fitness equipment.

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