Installation And Structural Principle Of One-way Needle Roller Bearings 3

- Jul 10, 2018 -

Installation and structural principle of one-way needle roller bearings 3

Because the one-way bearing is shipped from the factory, the bearing must be cleaned before the device. In order to maintain the surface of the raceway and the rolling elements from being rusted, rust preventive oil or rust preventive grease is injected between the raceway and the rolling elements. Therefore, it must be cleaned with clean gasoline and kerosene, and then coated with a clean high-quality or high-speed high-temperature lubricant. However, some fully enclosed bearings and bearings coated with lubricated rust and grease do not require cleaning. The cleanliness has a very large impact on bearing life and vibration noise.

The performance of greases of different types and different grades varies greatly, so choose the right grease. Grease is made from base oils, thickeners and additives. The allowable rotation limit is different, and the performance of the grease is also determined by the base oil. The thickener also relates to the lubricating property. The water resistance of the thickener determines the water resistance of the grease. Generally low viscosity base oil is suitable for low temperature and high speed; high viscosity is suitable for high temperature and high load. Different brands of grease can not be mixed, and even the same thickener grease will have a bad influence on each other due to different additives.

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