Installation And Structural Principle Of One-way Needle Roller Bearings 4

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Installation and structural principle of one-way needle roller bearings 4

Since only the inner ring is heated, the advantage of using induction heater heating is that the bearing can be heated to the required temperature quickly, reliably and cleanly. The outer ring is rarely heated, so it can be easily attached to the shaft and easily inserted into the seat hole.

One-way bearing structure principle

A one-way bearing is a type of bearing that is free to rotate in one direction and lock in the other direction. One-way bearings are also called overrunning clutches, but are named according to different industries and different functions. The metal casing of a one-way bearing contains a large number of rollers, needles or balls, and its rolling seat (hole) is shaped so that it can only roll in one direction and a large resistance in the other direction ( The so-called "one-way").

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