Installation And Structural Principle Of One-way Needle Roller Bearings 6

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Installation and structural principle of one-way needle roller bearings 6

The roller type one-way bearing is composed of an outer ring, an inner ring and a set of rollers. The outer ring is required to have a simple inner diameter, the inner ring is required to have a slope, and the roller is subjected to the pressure of the spring respectively and has to be Keep in close contact with the inner and outer rings and do not relax. In this way, as long as one of the one-way bearings operates in the direction of motion and affects the other raceway, such an arrangement can ensure the overrun speed of the bearing during rotation, and its immediate drive capability will also be Guaranteed.

The components of this wedge-type one-way backstop are: inner ring, outer ring, wedge group, wedge cage, strong spring and bearing. The wedge is wedged into the inner and outer rings to impart power to the other raceway, and it also has two diagonal diameters, that is, the distance from one corner of the wedge to the other diagonal One of the requirements must be greater than the other. Wedge action occurs when the inner and outer rings are rotated relative to each other, and the wedges are forced to retain a larger vertical position over a large cross section.

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