Installation Of Needle Roller Bearings

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The installation of needle roller bearings is usually carried out using an auxiliary sleeve. At this time, the auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve to hold the needle roller needle drop out, the axle neck with its own chamfer will roll off, with the needle roller bearings in the shaft to move slowly, auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve will slowly exit until the work position.

The outer diameter of auxiliary roller and auxiliary sleeve should be smaller than that of axle diameter 0.1―0.3mm. installation, the bearing outside the outer ring surface to be coated with grease, on the inner surface of the stick to put the needle roller (put the last needle to leave a gap), then, the auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve which replaces the axle neck or bearing inner ring is pushed into the outer ring hole, and the end face of the end surface of the quasi mounting shaft or the bearing inner ring installed on the shaft, Then press the pressure press or the hammer tap.

Needle roller bearings can also be installed so that the outer diameter of the auxiliary sleeve will be coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, sleeve into the bearing outer ring, so that the auxiliary sleeve and bearing outer ring form a ring hole, and then the ring hole in the needle roller. After the needle is loaded, the auxiliary sleeve can be rolled out with the work axle.

For needle roller bearings without inner ring or without outer ring, when installing, the rolling surface of the shaft or shell hole can be coated with a thin layer of grease, and the needle roller is close to the grease on the mounting part. Paste the last needle should leave a gap, the size of the gap in the needle roller bearings in the circumference of 0.5mm appropriate. Can not put the last needle in a hard squeeze, or a needle, because the hard squeeze, the bearing will be stuck to die can not rotate, less load, the gap is too large, easy to cause the bearing to run when the needle roller torsion and broken. For needle roller bearings only in the outer ring of stamping, because the outer wall is very thin, do not use Hammer to beat the installation, should use presses presses in. Because Hammer beat, the pressure is uneven, easy to make needle bearing's outer ring to produce local deformation.

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