Method Of Disassembly Of Needle Roller Bearings

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Knocking method

The percussion force is generally added in the bearing inner ring, the shielding room percussion force should not be added to the bearing of the rolling body and the cage, this method is simple, but easy to damage the bearing, when the bearing is located at the end of the shaft, with less than the bearing diameter of the copper rod or other soft metal materials to withstand the shaft end, bearing the lower part of the pad, with hammer gently tap, you can remove. The application of this method should pay attention to the position of the cushion block should be appropriate, the focus should be correct.

Thermal Removal method

Bearings for disassembly of tight fit. The engine is heated to 100 ℃ of oil to be cast on the bearings to be removed, after the bearing ring heated expansion, you can use the pulling tool to pull the bearing.

Push Pressure method

Press the press to push the bearing, the work is stable and reliable, do not damage the machine and bearing shielding room. Pressure presses have manual push pressure, mechanical or hydraulic pressure press push.

Attention to matters: Press the point should be in the center of the shaft, not to press bias.

Pull method

With special pulling tools, the bearings will be slowly pulled out as long as the handle is rotated. When the outer ring of the bearing is removed, the bending angle of the pulling tool shall be opened outward; when the inner ring of the bearing is removed, the pulling fixture shall be inside the inner ring and be stuck on the end surface of the bearing.

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