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- Mar 27, 2018 -

One-way bearing structure principle

One-way bearings are bearings that can rotate freely in one direction and lock in the other direction. One-way bearings are also called overrunning clutches, but they are named according to different industries. 

The one-way bearing's metal housing contains many rollers, needles, or balls, and its rolling seat (hole) is so shaped that it can only roll in one direction, but in the other direction it will generate a lot of resistance ( The so-called "one-way").

A one-way bearing, as the name implies, is a type of bearing that can operate freely in a single direction, cannot be stuck in the other direction. 

The use of the industry is different, role is not the same, so its name also has many, it can be called backstop, it can also be called the overrunning clutch, in short, 

we all know that they are another way of one-way bearing can be Now. 

As shown in the figure, the one-way bearing has a metal shell and there are many rollers, needles or balls in the shell. Its structure is as follows.

1. Wind power: Wind turbine bearings usually contain yaw bearings, drive system bearings (spindle and gearbox bearings). Changzhou needle roller bearings provide customers with yaw bearings and pitch bearings. The yaw bearing is installed at the connecting part of the tower and the cabin, while the pitch bearing is installed at the connection part of the root of each blade and the hub.

2. Robots: Industrial robots and other equipment. Changzhou needle roller bearings are mounted on the joints of robots. This structure can achieve incredibly high tight rotational movements.

3.Medical Devices: Bearings developed a series of high-precision, low-noise, high-life, high-reliability series of medical equipment spindle needle roller bearings, has been widely used in gamma knife, CT machine, nuclear magnetic resonance machines and other large medical devices.

4. Solar: Rotating solar panels is a good way to increase energy.

The structure of a one-way bearing generally has two types, a roller type and a wedge type. First of all, let's take a look at the working principle of the roller structure.

The roller type one-way bearing is composed of an outer ring, an inner ring and a set of rollers. The outer ring requires a simplified inner diameter, the inner ring requires a slope, and the rollers have to withstand the spring pressure respectively and always Keep in close contact with the inner and outer rings and do not release. 

In this way, as long as one of the one-way bearings operates in the direction of motion, it affects the other raceway. 

This arrangement ensures that the bearing will rotate faster than it rotates, and its immediate drive capability will also have Guaranteed.

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