Roller Bearing Structure

- May 30, 2018 -

Roller bearing structure

The outer ring of the roller bearing adopts a full-loaded cylindrical roller bearing with a thick outer ring wall. The outer diameter surface of the roller has a cylindrical shape and an arc shape. It can be designed to match the raceway surface according to the use occasion. With this outer ring, the rollers can be rolled directly on the raceway and can withstand heavier loads and shock loads. The bearing is a sealed structure filled with grease, providing long-term effective lubrication, users can be lubricated. For the use of poor working conditions can be designed to supplement the grease channel, improve bearing life. Improper handling can also cause the roller bearings to heat up. Lubrication can reduce the wear in the movement of parts, ensure press accuracy, and reduce energy consumption. Lubrication is divided into thin oil lubrication and thick oil lubrication.

The composition of the combined roller bearing 1) The main roller The main roller is the most important carrier in a set of composite rollers, mainly subjected to the vertical load and impact load, with strong impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Because the main roller is a full-loaded roller bearing, it can also be used as a one-way bearing alone. 2) Side roller The side roller is the second carrier among the composite rollers. It mainly bears the load in the horizontal direction. It also has strong impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The side roller is designed with no inner ring full needle roller, and a mandrel is used to replace the inner ring and the shaft head. 3) The shaft head is used as the connecting part between the compound roller and the machine equipment. Usually the head of the shaft head is designed as a chamfer, which is convenient for installation. The shaft head can be directly welded on the equipment, and the shaft head can also be welded with The connecting plate of the round hole is assembled with the equipment. 4) Cover plate The role of the cover plate is to install the important part of the side roller installed inside the shaft head, the main roller outside the shaft head with a nut and thread glue at the end of the shaft head.

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