The Function And Characteristics Of The Physical Ferrule Needle Bearing

- Sep 10, 2018 -

The function and characteristics of the physical ferrule needle bearing

The solid ferrule needle roller bearing consists of one or two ferrules and a needle roller set with a cage. The space is small and the bearing with or without inner ring can be used.

It has a small volume, high load carrying capacity and high transmission power requirements. This kind of bearing can meet the light weight.

In mechanical design, the size of the shaft is generally determined first, and then the rolling bearing is selected according to the size of the shaft.

However, when the bearing is limited in the diameter direction of the machine, needle roller bearings, ultra-light and ultra-light series of ball or roller bearings are used; when the bearing is limited in the axial position of the machine, narrow or special can be used. Narrow series of ball or roller bearings.

Radial needle roller and cage assemblies, drawn cup needle roller bearings, solid ferrule needle bearings, thrust needle roller bearings are widely used in automotive related information and engineering machinery shifting transmission systems, steering systems, motorcycle engine connecting rods, etc. At the place where the space is small and the carrying capacity is large.

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