Visit The Needle Roller Bearing Company Under The High Pressure Of Environmental Protection - Changzhou Shine Bearing CO., LTd.

- May 11, 2018 -

Our bearing plant will even take a serious and strict attitude towards environmental protection and apply it to the supplier's management - for some suppliers whose environmental protection requirements are not up to standard, take timely measures to prevent risks. For those good resources, mergers and acquisitions are taken and incorporated into the company's operations. For example, in 2017, South Bearing successfully acquired a professional roller needle manufacturing company.

From our company's point of view, the small needle roller parts are quite small in terms of volume compared to a car that can accommodate several people or even dozens of people. However, they are very powerful in terms of functions and can be widely used in various types of automobiles. Assembly. Therefore, the company's choice of mergers and acquisitions of superior resources, in addition to the attention paid by the Chinese M&A companies to environmental protection, is the company's own concern for the quality of the supply chain.

It is this attitude of seriousness and responsibility. In the past few years, our bearing plant has maintained an annual growth rate of no less than 20%. In the field of generators, torque converters, gearboxes, air-conditioning compressors, throttles, calipers, ABS, etc., South Bearing maintains a comprehensive support with leading companies in the domestic and foreign sub-sectors to provide cost leadership for them. High quality needle roller bearings, precision bushings and various kinds of precision pins and other products. Relevant person in charge of the bearing plant said that because the company pays early attention to environmental protection issues and handled it properly, it can maintain strong competitiveness under the high pressure of environmental monitoring, and thus gain a large number of quality customers.

At present, China’s national manufacturing industry has reached the transitional point of transition. The transformation will inevitably be accompanied by the survival of the fittest. The advantages of the enterprises that are at the forefront will become more and more obvious, and the overall competitiveness will become stronger, and companies that are under pressure will have to Consider changing development ideas to achieve a virtuous circle. This is true in the automotive industry's bearing industry, as is the other automotive industry chain supporting industries.

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