What Are The Characteristics Of Needle Roller Bearings? ---2

- May 02, 2018 -

The types of needle roller bearings, other than those listed in the catalog, can be used for bearings in general engineering applications, such as: open-type needle roller bearings in outer rings. There are cages and cageless bearings, needle roller bearings with closed stamped outer rings, needle roller bearings without inner rings, needle roller bearings without cages without cages, needle roller bearings with inner rings, SKF Supply various types of needle roller bearings.

No rib needle roller bearings, combined needle/ball bearings, needle roller cage assemblies, self-aligning needle roller bearings, combined needle roller/thrust ball bearings. Combined needle roller/cylindrical roller thrust bearing, needle roller bearing with outer ring. Drawn cup needle roller bearing is a needle bearing with a thin stamped outer ring. Its primary feature is the very low cross-section height and high load acceptance. It is mainly used for bearing equipment with compact layout, low price, and bearing housing hole can not be used as needle roller cage assembly raceway.

The combined needle roller bearing is a bearing unit composed of a radial needle roller bearing and a thrust bearing component, and its layout is compact and compact. And the product layout is diverse, adaptable, and easy to install. Combined needle roller bearings are widely used in machine tools, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery and printing machinery and other mechanical equipment, and can make the mechanical system depicted very compact and flexible.

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